Monday March 3

Red Sea, Each Other (Canada), Hellier Ulysses
9PM | FREE | 21+ Brought to you by Tight Bros
"Tandem Stye" is a brand-new song by Red Sea that appears on a five-sing demo the group has been sending out to prospective record labels. These five songs, at least in their current state, wonít be released for public consumption, but some of them may end up on a record a little further down the line.
In the time between releasing its Weird Problem EP in November 2010, itís clear that the group has been listening to a lot less Ariel Pink and a lot more This Heat, Gary Numan, and old Genesis records, and itís all being filtered into a darker, noisier sound. The reverb has been toned down somewhat, and theyíve placed an emphasis on the melodies here. The group even makes its first real attempt at singing three-part harmonies, but remember, itís just a demo. The sound is dreary, but it's nowhere as dreamy as some of its older numbers, and if you listen to it through and through, you'll notice that the song has been arranged to function as a sonic palindrome of sorts, dropping you off right where it picked you up.