Saturday October 26

CornDog 17: Shoot the Albatross
7PM | $5 | 21+ Brought to you by David Railey
CornDog 17: Shoot the Albatross
Saturday, October 26, 2013
529 EAV

Celebrating the 17th Anniversary of the CornDogOrama, born 10/21/1996 and the launch of The Albea-Tross Foundation, an on-line resource for artists of all kinds that suffer from depression, dedicated to good friend Warren Price Albea that passed away this summer. Warren played bass in the first band to play CornDogOrama, Ancient Chinese Secret. He recorded and engineered Pineal Ventana's "Let them fuck", and was head sound man for legendary Athen's music venue, The RockFish Palace, where he mixed such bands as Red Hot Chili Peppers, Faith No more, The Flaming Lips and countless others. He was a good friend and will be missed dearly. The "Albea-Tross" Foundation will be an on-line resource to help artists cope, learn and battle this often crippling and misunderstood disease. We will have a vinyl record/audio equipment silent auction and donations will go to the start-up of the website.

Scheduled to play:

Twin Trances - 1:00 -
Edgewood Nasty - 12:00
/smoke signals\ - 11:00
Ancient Chinese Secret (dedication)
Akuyou - 10:00 pm
Ricer - 9:15 pm
MEMES - 8:30 pm
Lily and the Tigers - 7:45
The Dandyls - 7:00 pm

food provided by Ria's Bluebird
radio support