Friday May 31

Satan's Satyrs, Order Of The Owl, Canopy, Crucifixion - LATE SHOW w/ Rapturous Grief Gride (From Czech), Turbokrieg (eX Insect Warfare)
9pm | $7 | 21+ Brought to you by Dude City Productions
Remember the go-nowhere kid at your high school in Anytown, USA? The first to drop acid, the first to drop out, the first to wag the finger of adolescent inhibition in the face of all standing in their way. What if that kid actually got their shit together, and took the harder route of transforming their blood, sweat and hormones into a ripping deluge of blasphemous scuzz-rock workouts? Wild Beyond Belief!, the debut album from Virginia's Satan's Satyrs, is that refreshing blast of youthful energy in the staid wasteland of modern heavy metal.