Monday March 4

Featureless Ghost, Splash (Brooklyn), Moon B (instrumental synth-funk, ATL), C- Powers, No Eyes
9PM | FREE | 21+ Brought to you by Tight Bros
Featureless Ghost's approach to live electronic and vocal performance oscillates between the ecstatic experience and the darker moments on the dancefloor. Performing and recording music together since 2007, Matt Weiner and Elise Tippins relocated from Brooklyn to Atlanta and formed Featureless Ghost in late 2010. Since then, the prolific duo has released cassette EP's for Night-People and Crash Symbols and their debut vinyl LP, "Personality Matrix," on Night-People in October 2012.

Featureless Ghost continues to draw attention both locally and abroad for their distinct version of industrial strength synth wave, commanding male/female vocals, and for their dancefloor-ready performances and recordings.

Splash is the new project of Etienne Duguay, the former drummer of Real Estate, who's joined by Nick Schneider, Andre Sellers, Sasha Desree, and Jan Woo. Duguay describes the band as "a New Age boy band playing transcendental boogie pop." Their first single is "Ever Before", which sounds like it's heavily influenced by the pop hits of the late 1980s: Human League, Prince, Madonna, Billy Ocean, the Jets, etc.