Monday June 18

Turf War, Fat Tony, Blunt Fang, Georges Bataille Battle Cry
9pm/FREE/21+ Brought to you by Dude City Productions
Known for rowdy shows and catchy rock songs, Turf War started in 2008 as a bedroom solo project for lead singer John Robinson and quickly turned into a full band with Brian McGrath filling in on drums and backup vocals, Cecil Moss on Guitar, and Bradley Morris on bass. They created a sound reminiscent of early Replacements and brought on a full party attitude to their live sets.

After playing the club circuit in Augusta for 3 years and gaining a wide audience they set their dreams higher and made the move to Atlanta, GA. It didn’t take long for people in Atlanta to start recognizing the bands energy and catchy songs. They even caught the attention of fellow Atlanta rocker Ian St Pé of the Black Lips, who came on to produce the bands first full length. In the process of recording the album they met Ian McDonald, who was engineering their record.

John quickly saw a likeness in Ian musically and asked him to join Turf War, making them a five piece. The band headed out to Texas on their first run outside of GA in 2011 to play SXSW, looking for a label to put out their record and hoping to find a wider audience. There in Austin they met label owner Rob Mason of Old Flame records. They hit it off and decided to make a partnership to release the self titled debut of Turf War Years of Living Dangerously, set to street on October 18, 2011. Turf War plans to tour this fall in support of their debut album.


Fat Tony stands at the forefront of new generation of young rappers who get it themselves—a DIY hustler
who’s built his burgeoning career on a foundation equal parts smarts and swagger. The Houston MC owns
the mike with a casual confidence, workmanlike in his delivery whether laidback or lyrical, embodying a
new brand of enlightened Southern that’s as likely to tip back some lean on your front porch as sit down
and school you on Dadaism. Through his simmering solo work and boundary-busting collaborations with
Das Racist and A$AP Rocky, among others, Fat Tony has already launched a legacy.